Compliance & Asset Manager

A simple approach to managing Compliance data and asset information across multiple locations.

What is Compliance & Asset Manager?

Sypro Compliance & Asset Manager (CAM) is an easy to implement, simple to use solution for the management of critical compliance checks, health and safety procedures, policies, maintenance schedules and asset information. Sypro CAM allows organisations to proactively manage every aspect of their estate from one central location, ensuring legislative compliance of buildings, assets and even people.

Sypro CAM has been developed with a modern, graphical approach, ensuring information and data is simple to understand.

Proactively manage;

  • Compliance with HSE & Local Authority Regulations
  • Buildings & Estate Compliance
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing
  • 'Location-Tagged' Assets
  • HR Policies including training and staff records
  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Leases and Rent Agreements
  • Asbestos Register

As a web-based solution, Sypro CAM monitors, tracks and records data to ensure that every aspect of an organisations' estate is compliant, serviced and maintained in accordance with the relevant legislation. The software is be used in the public and private sector by schools, academies and health/care organisations and organisations in the manufacturing and sports/leisure industries.

Sypro CAM is built for ease of use and to ensure that users can clearly identify actionable alerts relating to assets and compliance regulations. Live and instantaneous reports are readily available to assist the operative and responsible person with task management and adherence to legislation and guidelines.

The system helps organisations demonstrate their proactive approach to legislative compliance. Management teams can use it to monitor the status of the entire estate, using location tagged information to further improve efficiency of task management. Managing asset related compliance and maintenance using Sypro CAM gives and organisation higher credibility during audits or inspections from external parties.

Did you know..? Instances of non-compliance associated with assets, buildings and maintenance could result in claims, legal proceedings or even court appearances.

  • Government & Industry Compliant

  • Reduce Management Costs

  • Centralised Documentation

  • Task Based Approach

  • Fully Integrated Helpdesk

  • Effectively Use Resources

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As a person responsible for the management and maintenance of all buildings and assets across a multi sited NHS estate, I am resolute in the requirements and clear benefits of having an integrated and simple to use, dashboard and alert driven asset management system such as Sypro CAM.

How will Compliance & Asset Manager help you?

User Experience

Our integrated software has a modern and graphical approach which makes data and information easier to understand. With built in live status reporting, it's easy to monitor different aspects of the estate and enables the users to clearly define actions needed.

Sypro CAM lets users view information in drill down reports and tables, which makes detailed data available to the user. Automatic email notifications ensure that all users are kept up to date with due and overdue tasks as well as any amendments or updates that are added to the system.

The use of permission based controls allows users to access only modules that are relevant for them, which removes unnecessary clutter from the dashboards.

Explore how Sypro CAM can help you remove discrepancies, manual effort and lack of control associated with outdated and non-integrated processes.


Using the Compliance module you can create mandatory compliance categories such as Fire Safety, Risk Assessment, Legionella Testing and assign individual checks to assets, rooms, buildings or sites. Use email reminders to ensure users are fully aware of upcoming, due and overdue tasks, promoting proactive management of compliance information.

  • Track and manage legislative compliance checks using location tagged assets.
  • Categorise your Compliance checks for transparent reporting.
  • Store historical Compliance reports or service information against completed checks.
  • Generate automated reminders of upcoming and overdue tasks.
  • View status reports on performance of each Compliance category.

Manage Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing

Centralise and manage of all of your organisations' maintenance issues via Sypro CAM’s fully integrated ‘Helpdesk’, ‘Reactive Maintenance’ and 'Planned Maintenance' modules. The ‘Helpdesk’ module links directly to Sypro CAM for reactive maintenance or defect issues, whether they be general issues or linked to particular assets.

  • Centralise, plan, allocate and manage all of your Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM).
  • Notifications can be sent to internal staff or external contractors when work is planned, due or overdue.
  • Reactive maintenance and issues, logged via the inbuilt Helpdesk, can be tracked and live status reporting is available.
  • All on-site staff can raise defects, health and safety warnings and other issues through the integrated 'Helpdesk' and will be informed of any actions associated to the issue raised.

Buildings, Estate & Asset Management

The Sypro CAM ‘Asset Management’ module is incredibly flexible and allows you instant access to a complete list of assets by site, building, zone, department and room. Control investment by monitoring expenditure and replacement, ultimately helping your organisation control costs and profitability.

  • The ‘Asset’ module allows you to input all asset data, from large fixed assets (with multiple maintenance and compliance requirements) through to smaller consumable assets.
  • The fully integrated ‘Asset’ module enables you to monitor and maintain assets in accordance with statutory, regulatory and HSE requirements.
  • Financial reporting is also available within the ‘Asset’ module allowing users to ensure large fixed assets are operating at optimum levels.
  • Track all asset movements across your estate/business. Improve the management of widely dispersed assets, resulting in better upkeep of assets, accounting and audit practices.

Policies, Procedures, Leases & Licences

We are more than aware of how many ‘policy and procedure’ documents organisations (public or private) are required to manage ranging from critical insurance documents to internal training manuals.

Sypro CAM allows you to upload and centrally manage all of your date related documentation and assign reminders, responsibilities and actions accordingly.

Sypro CAM also helps create complete transparency and provides reminders for rent reviews and break clauses, providing a Single Source Location for all of your critical lease information, documentation and required maintenance obligations.

Asbestos Module

Record and manage all instances of asbestos across your estate. The ‘Asbestos’ module is linked directly to all other modules so staff and contractors can have access to and be aware of where asbestos is present where works/maintenance is required. The module also allows you to store specific documents against specific asbestos instances – again, providing a central access point for staff and contractors. If instances of asbestos are present where maintenance tasks are to be undertaken warnings are displayed with links to the asbestos information.

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