Guidance, assistance and advice on contract management, project management and compliance.

What Resources are Available?

Due to the complex nature of project management, contract management and compliance - there are an inordinate amount of policies, procedures, rules and regulations that need to be addressed.

We want to make these processes easy to understand and simple to manage - so to help, we're providing detailed articles, helpful guides and useful content.

With over 20 years experience in contract management, asset management and compliance, we're aiming to provide you with as much guidance and assistance as possible and prepare you for every eventuality

NEC3 Practical Solutions by Dr. Stuart Kings and Robert Alan Gerrard.

Sypro's Technical Director, Dr. Stuart Kings has recently released a practical guide for construction professionals called 'NEC3 Practical Solutions'.

Using real and relevant case studies, NEC3 Practical Solutions explores common issues that are faced by project teams when using NEC3® contracts. The authors answer 245 of the most common questions asked, and also advice on prevantative measures.

You can buy a copy of 'NEC3 Practical Solutions' here

Managing Early Warnings

All construction projects come with an element of risk. Spotting the warning signs early and dealing with them collaboratively can help to avoid cost or time penalties and minimise the negative effects they could have on the project. Find out how to manage early warnings collaboratively.

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Ensuring the Programme is Accepted

It is essential to have a Programme to chart the critical path of any project and also to record a timeline of the parties involved, who does what and when. This improve understand by all parties and will be fundamental to the successful delivery of the project. Find out how to ensure the programme is accepted.

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Managing Compensation Events

Even the best planned projects are subject to change and this applies just as much to the construction industry as any other. To avoid disputes and to manage the project more effectively, its important to manage change in a structured and collaborative way. Read our top tips on successfully managing compensation events.

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Making Sense of Activity Schedules

There is a lot of confusion in practice about the purpose, use and significance of Activity Schedules. Put simply, the activity schedule is a list of items of work which, either directly (under Option A of the ECC) or indirectly (under Option C of the ECC) effect the amount paid to the Contractor.

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Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) Checklist

Projects can be incredibly difficult to plan for due to the large number of considerations there will be throughout the course of a contract.

To help you plan more effectively, we have produced an interactive and downloadable ECC checklist, which is to be used prior to the start of the project to ensure you are fully prepared for the impending works.

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